January Blues.

The festive period is now over and by now everyone has returned back to work from their holidays. There is a bit of a downer in the atmosphere, and the buzz that was around before Christmas has now disappeared.

Having eaten too much over Christmas and consuming far too much alcohol, everyone is left feeling sluggish, drained and overweight.

The weather is wet and dreary and ‘winter blues’ is setting in. Its dark when you leave to go to work and its dark when you get home. The lack of natural light is depressing and we would much rather cosy up on the sofa in front of the fire and TV with a blanket than motivate ourselves.

Self reflection over new year and looking for new years resolutions can make us look at the things wrong in our lives leading us to make unrealistic goals in becoming our ‘ideal’ person. The lack of motivation is making achieving any of our resolutions possible however far fetched they may be.

Focus on an area in your life that needs attention, your news years resolutions need to be realistic and achievable. There is no point in setting yourself a goal that is no where near achievable in 5 years let alone in 1. This will only leave you feeling deflated. Work out a few points you want to achieve in 2014 and go for it.

Money is going to be a huge factor in January blues, as this time of the year everyone is scrimping together whats left from Christmas. January is one of the longest calender months in Payroll, as the majority of companies will pay employees early in order for Christmas shopping. This means that instead of being 4 weeks in between each pay packet, there is now 5.  Being skint is one of the most depressing things, counting the pennies to see if you can buy toilet roll has to be a major low point for anyone.

Just remember, January only consists of 31 days. We are 8 days in. Hold in there guys there’s only 23 days left then January is over.

Things can only look up from here on out.

Love Tilly xx 


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