2am Thoughts: Motivational Photo.

So it’s 2am and apparently my brain does not want to go to sleep.

Scrolling through twitter and doing anything that will try and make me sleepy, I came across this photo..

20140103-022921 am.jpg

I am going to call it ‘My Motivational Photo’.

I have decided that with this photo, anything is possible. Whenever I feel down, or need a little bit of reassurance that everything is going to be ok, this photo is my motivation.

Let’s break down the points one by one.

1. Eat Regularly (And well).
Let’s face it. When we are upset, stressed or generally in a bad mood, food goes out the window. We can’t be bothered to make food, trying to eat it makes you feel sick and in all honesty, when we do eat, it’s comfort food.

By eating regularly, the portions don’t have to be as big. Your body will constantly be getting energy and nutrients and you will feel more alive. That lethargic feeling will disappear and you will start to feel ‘human’ again.

2. Get Enough Sleep.
There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk at work with heavy eyes, feeling your head drooping as you nod off knowing you still have 4 hours of your shift left.

Get and early night. 8 hours sleep is essential to day to day activities. Your body can not run with little sleep. You will be tired, irritable and forgetful.

I don’t know about you, but waking up in the morning feeling fresh after a full night sleep is one of the best feelings ever. Awake, recharged and ready to go.

3. Sometimes Being A Bitch Is Necessary.
Being Mr Nice Guy isn’t always the way to be. Sometimes people just been a bit of tough loving. Don’t let people walk al over you. You are not a doormat. Sometimes being a bitch is necessary.

4. Stop Talking & Listen.
Sometimes you just need to see things from a different perspective. Put the boot on the other foot. Stop talking and start listening. You never know what you might learn.

5. Don’t Take Anyone’s Shit.
Refer back to point #3.

6. Things WILL Get Better.
If you feel like you are at rock bottom, just remember the only way from here is up. Things WILL get better. Good things come to those who wait. We all get our happy ever after in the end. If it isn’t here, it isn’t the end. Keep your head held high and keep searching.

7. If Someone Can’t Make The Effort To Be In Your Life – They Don’t Deserve To Be There.
Why should you make the effort all the time? If someone is not willing to actively be apart of your life, then they most certainly do not deserve a place there. Remove them and move on.

8. “It Only Ends once, Everything Else Is Progress”.
Refer to point #6.

9. A Good Cup Of Tea Can Solve Just About Anything.
We all know that when your feeling down a warm brew is the best healer. Lay in the sofa in your pjs, cry, watch love actually and make a brew. The world is not over. PG can make everything better again. 🙂

Chin up Princess, your tiara is falling.

Love Tilly xx 


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