100 Things I Did In 2013.

As the year is now over, I thought this would be a good opportunity to look back and reflect on the things I have done this year whether they be big or small.

1. Worked in a night club
2. Set up my blog
3. Cut all my hair off
4. Went bob sleighing with my mum
5. Bought a new car
6. Worked on the beach in the summer
7. Went to Paris
8. Persuaded my parents to let me get a puppy
9. Went to endless hospital appointments
10. Had my 21st birthday
11. Went to my first ever uni ball with my sisters
12. Got a boyfriend
13. Got dumped
14. Celebrated my Godsons 1st birthday.
15. Did modelling
16. Went to Brussels
17. Scrapped my KA
18. Lost friends
19. Made incredible friends
20. Started working for Google
21. Dyed my hair brown
22. Saw Jay Z at London O2
23. Smashed the screen on my iPhone
24. Went to Bournemouth 7’s
25. Took my godson trick or treating on Halloween
26. Visited my sister in Plymouth
27. Tried oysters
28. Saw Dreamboys
29. Dyed my hair red
30. Went on an aeroplane alone for the 1st time
31. Got drunk (for half the year)
32. Went on a girls hen weekend to Butlins
33. Ran the race for life
34. Got drunk on the beach
35. Threw up in a taxi
36. Dyed my hair black
37. Got a parking fine
38. Got another parking fine
39. Got yet another parking fine
40. Ann Summers party
41. Had my car tyres slashed
42. Surfed down the stairs on a mattress with my mum
43. Got fired from my job
44. Got caught in A&E with a sick bowl on my head
45. Saw Union J live
46. Went to Marwell Zoo
47. Watched Tangled 100,000,000 times
48. Went skinny dipping
49. Reached a years anniversary of my Nanny’s passing
50. Got a speeding fine
51. Got another speeding fine
52. Went on a drivers awareness course
53. Went to the German Market
54. Made a snowman
55. Dyed my hair blonde
56. Reached the second anniversary of my Grandad’s passing
57. Got new furniture in my bedroom.
58. Got heat stroke
59. Passed out
60. Got a black eye
61. Broke my finger
62. Went to a wedding
63. Fell down a whole flight of stairs
64. Played crazy golf
65. Took my Godson swimming
66. Got a credit card
67. Painted my bedroom walls whilst parents were on holiday
68. Watched all seasons of true blood
69. Went to the Chilli festival
70. Bought a wooden watch
71. Went to Peppa Pig world
72. Watched shooting stars laid on the beach
73. Made curry from scratch
74. Went to the arcades
75. Went to the Bournemouth air show
76. Car boot sales
77. Had cocktails at The Pig
78. Purchased ‘Now That’s What I Call Disney Princess’ CD
79. New boyfriend
80. Downloaded Snapchat
81. Threw out half the contents of my wardrobe
82. Made an Ebay account
83. Became poorly
84. Got better 🙂
85. Found happiness
86. Ate far too many takeaways
87. Joined the gym
88. Cancelled gym membership
89. Discovered what I want in life
90. Became closer to my sisters
91. Went puppy shopping
92. Realised never to settle for less than you deserve
93. Put a padlock on the bridge at Pont de arts in Paris with my best friend
94. Went to the fireworks on 5th November
95. Developed an obsession with Yankee Candles
96. Realised not everything lasts forever
97. Double dates
98. Worked at Grooves on the Green
99. Laughed, loved and lived
100. Found out who I am

So much happened this year, I can only hope that 2014 is as eventful. Nothing like keeping you in your toes.

Here’s to 2014, love laughter and happiness.

Love Tilly xx 


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