Courtesy Whilst Travelling.

Am I the only one who is a courteous traveller. I don’t understand how some people can be so rude and show no courtesy.

If we are all courteous to each other then travelling would be a lot more bearable. No one likes to travel, it’s cramped, were surrounded by people we are not familiar with and it’s tedious.

For those who are ignorant to others and are not courteous travellers, please educate yourselves with the following tips for courteous travelling.

1. Leaning Your Chair Back.
By all means lean your chair back. I for one am not a fan of sitting upright. But please do t take the Mickey. I would like to have my lap tray on my lap comfortably, I do not wish to be pinned in my seat because you have laid your chair down so far that I can see up your nostrils.

2. Music.
Listening to music is a must on a long journey, I can not imagine a journey without my music plugged in, it makes the time fly by a lot quicker. But my music is for me to listen to, not half the plane/coach. Keep your music at a respectable volume. Your neighbours do not want to listen to Dizzy Rascal the whole trip. This also goes for singing or humming out loud, if you are going to listen to music then let the artist sing it.

3. Food/Drink.
I understand that on a long journey snacks are an essential to make the trip more bearable and to satisfy needs, but seriously did you really have to bring an egg sandwich. For those who suffer with travel sickness, your just asking for an accident.

Which brings me onto my next point.

4. Travel Sickness.
Yes, some of us get travel sick and I know it can’t be helped but please be discreet about it. The last thing I want to see is you throwing your guts up on a 5 hour journey in a confined area. If you are prone to travel sickness, take travel sickness tablets, sip water, try and sleep and be prepared. Bring lots of travel sickness bags because I for one am not lending you my shoe to throw up in and if your sick all over yourself then move away from me.

5. Alcohol.
One thing I can not stand is a rowdy drunk character whilst travelling. Yes a couple of drinks to calm the nerves if your a nervous flyer, but seriously do you really need to get drunk? It only makes the journey uncomfortable for those around you. No one wants to be day in a confined space with someone smelling like a brewery who can barely stand or talk. Sort it out guys.

6. Personal Space.
One thing that I can not stand is when someone doesn’t stick to their side of the seat. This is my chair and that it yours. DO NOT sit on half of my seat as well as yours. As for the arm rest, ITS MINE.

.. Rant over.

If everyone just stuck to these steps then our travels would be a lot more comfortable.

Happy travelling.

Love Tilly xx 

Ps. If you can think of any other travelling courtesy tips then please comment and let me know.


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