Lost in An Airport.

Wow. I completely forgot how busy air ports get. So many people rushing about trying to get to their gate before it closes.

After barely making it through security and being pulled aside and ‘patted down’ (well.. That’s what he called it anyway). I was thrown amongst busy travelers scurrying around with no sense of direction. Here I am stood in the middle like a lost puppy. No idea where to go.

Do you know how hard it is to find a Customer Service representative? I literally have no idea what gate I am flying from or where it is even located in this MASSIVE building. No wonder everyone is running round like a headless chicken.

Maybe it wasn’t my best idea to fly on my own from an airport that I have never been in, to a country I’ve never been to. This could only end badly. But hey, life’s a challenge and I accept the challenge. I mean what’s the worst that can happen. It’s not like I can get on the wrong plane. Um… Can I? No ones ever done that right?

You would of thought that going to America every couple of years whilst growing up, and jetting off on sunny holidays with the family, I would be a pro at this whole flying malarkey. Apparently not. I suck.

So here I am sat at what I hope is the right gate hoping to get on the right plane.

I wonder if I end up in Brussels or Mumbai.

Time will tell.

Love Tilly xx 


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