Flying Scares The Shit Out Of Me.

Firstly, Jason from America, I’m sorry for breaking your hand during take off and landing. I’m sorry for pinching your leg during turbulence and I’m sorry that I ate all of your sweets so my ears didn’t pop.

I’m sure all you wanted was a nice relaxing flight where you could shut your eyes and have a kip but unfortunately you got seated in seat 23B, next to me. The girl who apparently hates flying alone.

Never have I ever experienced flying where I was literally so scared I could cry. I’ve flown countless times and never had a problem. Through bad weather, long haul flights and without my parents (because let’s face it, everyone feels safer with their parents there) and I’ve never been scared. I normally leave that to my sister and my mum.

So why is it different this time? Maybe it’s the excitement about going to Paris or maybe it’s the fact I’m sat inside a lump of metal with wings and an engine being shaken about by Mother Nature. It definitely doesn’t help that the woman behind is hysterical and asking if the plane is “going down” every two minutes. Why won’t you just shut up dammit!!

But hey, I am now in Brussels with my chummy ready for Paris tomorrow.

So thank you Jason from America for putting up with me for the 1hr 20 min flight and thank you for not requesting to move because I can safely say I may have shat myself if you left me on my own with Misses Drama Queen behind and the man praying on the right.

I’ve made it safely to Brussels and I’m alive. It’s a win win situation. It’s a bloody miracle I made it on the right plane, let alone not have a nervous breakdown en route. I’m sure the bottle of Merlot on the plane helped me through this stress.

Now I need a lie down, a catchup with my chummy and an early night because tomorrow is a busy busy day in Paris.

Love Tilly xx 


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