Friday 20th December 2013: The Shitty Friday!

I’m not normally one to have a rant on my blog but seriously. This is an exception.

After finishing a shitty shift at work Friday evening, I got to my car and drove it to my friend Sophie’s. As previously planned we was going to drive round our home town looking at the Christmas lights displayed on all the houses.

But NO! Some twat (and yes I did just swear on my blog) had other plans for my shitty Friday evening.

Apparently hammering screws into someone’s tyre and letting the others down is their idea of fun!! Not to mention the hefty scratch they kindly decorated the front of my car with.

I don’t know how someone can damage another persons property and not give a care in the world.

It’s Christmas time for Pete sake! Wheres the love and joy?

So thank you Mr Anonymous car decorator. I hope you have a shitty Christmas!!



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