Snuggly Sundays: Bath Time

What better way to spend your Sunday evening than relaxing in the bath in candle light listing to your favourite music softly in the background.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bath at the best of times. I’m practically a mermaid as I’m sure I spend more time in the bath than out of it. But nothing beats a hot bubbly bath to end your weekend.

As Christmas is nearing, stress levels rise. Last minute shoppers, people travelling all over the country to visit loved ones and students returning from university back to their home town. There’s a buzz in the atmosphere of bodies buzzing around quickly to complete last minute jobs.

To de stress your weekend, light them candles, play your music, pop on your face mask and sit back for an hour and have some ‘me time’. Clear your head because Christmas is a season of love and giving. It’s a season to be enjoyed. Don’t let stress knock the enjoyment out of it. De stress before C Day arrives.

Love and laughter xx

20131216-111656 am.jpg


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