Ohana Means Family.

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Being a triplet has never been easy. However much I love my sisters I have always wondered what it would be like to be a ‘normal’ sibling. Would it be different? Would I even have 2 sisters? Would we fight?

Throughout my childhood my family never treated us any different to any other child would be treated from a ‘normal’ family. We were treated fairly. We all had our own belongings like any other child would have. No one classed us as one person. We were 3 separate children. Individuals.

It wasn’t until school I realised that we were different from the other children. We were not ‘normal’ and we stood out. We started being classed as ‘The Triplets’ or the “Hunter Sisters”. When one of us did something wrong it was automatically presumed that all 3 of us had done the same thing. It was unfair and a lot of the time my sisters would get the blame for my naughty behaviour.

Moving on from school we became close. Always there for one another when one was in trouble and always there for a ‘sleepover’ in each others bedrooms. Yes we bickered. Who doesn’t as a child? But no matter what. We always loved each other and our bond grew stronger.

Not too long ago someone classed one of my sisters as “the odd one out”. How can she be the odd one out when we are all different people. I don’t understand how we can be classed as one? Surely for one to be the odd one out we have to be the same? It baffles me.

Ohana means family. We are family. No one gets left out or left behind. These are my sister; My best friends. And I know that no matter what life throws at me I will always be ok. They will never let me down.

No matter if we are all at home or if we are in separate countries around the world. We will always have a bond. I love these guys to the moon and back a billion times over.

Yes we are triplets. It’s pretty cool huh? But we are separate people. We are just 3 young adults who happen to be best friends as well as sisters.

Love Tilly xx 

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