Lipstick: Winter Favourites


Now that winter is approaching what better excuse to treat myself to a whole new chest of lipsticks. I’m a sucker when it comes to lip products, I mean you can never have too many right? Here are a handful of my favourite products for this season whether they be new or old.

1: Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm (The Redder)

This balm is one of my favourite products on the market currently. Not only is the creamy balm moisturising but it is pigmented as well. It is not often that you can get a balm that has such a strong pigment and a nice finish. At a price of only £5.99 in drugstores I would say you definitely get your money’s worth. The balm is classed as long lasting but I personally feel it would be better classified as a lip stain. The colour stays on perfectly for hours even when eating and talking. The balm doesn’t stay on so long but that doesn’t alter the colour. All in all I would rate this lip stain as my #1 currents favourite and it would take a lot to knock it down.

2:  Clinique Chubby Stick (02 Whole Lot Of Honey)

At £17.00 the Clinique chubby stick is one of the pricier lip products that made it onto my favourites list but with its moisturising balm and a hint of colour you can’t go wrong. This colour is neutral enough to go with pretty much any look and finishes of a neutral face perfectly. They are extremely lightweight that you don’t even notice that your wearing it, especially as they are 100% fragrance free.

3: Maybelline Baby Lips (Pink Punch)

Maybelline Baby Lips is the cheapest lip product on my favourites list, at £2.99 it is an absolute bargain. Baby Lips gives intense care and 8 hours hydration. They are not heavily pigmented lip balms but they do provide a sheer coverage of colour and shine. Each colour has a different scent relevant to the product for example the Pink Punch smells and tastes like Punch. These lip balms add a lovely pop of colour to a neutral face.

4: Rimmel London Kate Moss (110)

When I heard that Kate Moss had done a collaboration with Rimmel London again I had to get involved.  This watermelon scented lipstick is a pink red colour and is very flattering. It is extremely pigmented and easy to apply it is not chalky although it isnt very hydrating like many matte lipsticks that I have used before. At £5.49 it is well within budget and I highly recommend this product for a simply splash of colour to spice up your outfit.

5.  MAC (Please Me)

At £15 MAC lipsticks are towards the higher end of lip products on my favourites list. Please me is a nude shade with a pink shimmer. It is beautiful to be worn as a nude shade on a basic neutral face. It is very hydrating and leaves a lovely shimmery finish.

These are my top 5 favourite lipsticks that I am going to be sporting this autumn/winter. Let me know your favourites and what your going to wear this cold season.




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