Premature Christmas Spirit.

After a day of shopping with my friend it is safe to say that I am now in the Christmas spirit. As it is only the beginning of October, I understand that most people are getting annoyed at people getting excited this early but I just can’t contain my excitement. I know this is only going to last a couple of weeks but none the less I am so excited.

Today I saw a hat in Primark shaped like a Christmas Pudding it was literally amazing. I couldn’t just walk away from it. Somehow it ended up in my basket and got purchased so I am now the proud owner of a Christmas pudding beanie. Not only have I been getting in the Christmas spirit by dazzling up my accessories but I have also been purchasing some early Christmas presents. Personally I don’t feel that October is to early to start organising myself and getting some small gifts that I can stash away till December. Not only does it make me super organised, it also spreads the cost.

What are your thoughts? When is it acceptable to start getting in the Christmas spirit?



One thought on “Premature Christmas Spirit.

  1. It’s never too early to get organised! Where money is short for a lot of people this year. buying early is a way of getting presents for everyone and being able to afford it! 🙂 x

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